Booking   Procedure & Payment modes

The Booking Process

As soon as we have received your request we will reply by giving you details of availability and price. If you choose to make a booking we can reserve your yacht awaiting your confirmation.

Step 1 - Making an enquiry

Please complete an Enquiry Form providing information as requested. When you select the days of sailing required you will be presented with a choice of the available yachts to select. Provide full contact details and additional information, number of persons, age, gender and any special requests that you might have at this stage or please contact us by telephone or direct email with the necessary details if you prefer.

Step 2 - Quotation & reservation (Under Option)

Upon the receipt of your enquiry we will confirm the availability of the yacht required and provide a booking quotation. If you would then like to make a booking please let us know as soon as possible so we can make a reservation normally for 5 days (Under Option) allowing time to complete the booking.

Step 3 - Booking Confirmation & Contract (BCC)

We will email/send a 'Booking Confirmation & Contract' (BCC) for completion. Before the 'option' period expires you must confirm your booking by making the deposit payment (normally 50% of the total amount) and email/fax a copy of the payment receipt along with the signed contract. This contract, together with your deposit payment receipt is your booking confirmation. Your booking is then complete. If the 'option' period has already expired upon receipt of your deposit/contract, we will make every effort to re-fix your booking or find the same or similar booking that meets with your approval.

Step 4 - Booking Confirmation Statement (BCS & BCSC)

When your deposit payment is received we will send a 'Booking Confirmation Statement' or BCS confirming the payment received and the outstanding balance with due date. When the final balance payment has been received we will send a 'Booking Confirmation Statement Complete' or BCSC confirming that full payment has been received.

Additional Information

Once your booking is complete we have time to sort the details. For a yacht charter booking we will require the following information in due course: Crew list (full names, dates of birth, contact info) Arrival information (day, time, flight, airport, etc.) Copies of sailing Licenses or Certificates. Prior to your arrival we will send a personal arrivals document confirming arrival details and plan.

Callback Service

Please send us a text, leave a message or send an email requesting a 'Callback' at a specific time and provide a landline telephone number (not mobile) and we can call and discuss your requirements in person.

Privacy Policy

Any information you provide will be used purely for booking procedures. We will not disclose your email address or any other information to any third parties.

Payment modes

By Bank Transfer.You can complete your payment (security deposit e.t.c.) before depart through Credit Card, Debit Card or Prepaid Card via POS. Please note that all prices are in Euro (€).

Bank Information

IBAN ACCOUNT NUMBER: GR09 0172 6100 0056 1008 9957 347
Phone: +30 697 418 1708
Skiathos, Northern Sporades